How to find right event to exhibit?

It is important to do your own research before exhibiting in any exhibition. In order to maximize returns from your exhibition stall, ensure that you are aware of your visitors’ list and their profile. You should also try to understand and get idea about your visitors’ category and possibility of converting them into your customers.

Exhibition Organizer maintains record of every exhibition data i.e. of Exhibitors and each Visitor. You can request organizers to share visitor data record of past events. Some organizers may share expected visitors list and their profiles so that every exhibitor can plan their marketing and branding accordingly. It will also help the exhibitor to plan and finalize if they should exhibit in the event on the basis of the data shared by the organizer.

If you get an opportunity, try to reach out few of the exhibitors of past events. If it is multiple day event and you get the chance, try visiting the event on the very first day to effectively plan other days in the event on the basis of appearance and its success.

Points to consider for deciding participation in an exhibition:

  • Venue
  • Date, Day and Timing
  • Cost of setting up a stall
  • Cost of Visitors (Free/Paid)
  • Event Type and Frequency
  • Number of Exhibitors
  • Number of Visitors
  • Organizer Success in past events

Other Key decisive points:

  • You can ask the event organizer to share historical data and reports of past events
  • You can request for audited proof of number of visitors of past events
  • You can ask the organizers about marketing plan and their target audience
  • Check if the Organizer is member of Exhibition and Event Association
  • Check if the Organizer has any Industry association or endorsement
  • Check track records of exhibitors
    • Number of events in past
    • Number of years in business
    • Financial Strength
    • Credibility in the business community

Do your thorough research even before planning to exhibit in any exhibition. It is great to introduce or launch any product in an exhibition if the footfall is good in terms of visitors.

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