Hubilo’s launches an Entirely Automated Event App-Builder 

Hubilo is a renowned company providing an enormous range of solutions and features to event planners and event organisers across the globe that helps them engage a large number of attendees. The All-new App Builder released in the month of August has several new integrations and upgradations to provide a better experience for the attendees at a business event.

Hubilo is India’s first organization providing an end-to-end online solution in the form of Event Management Software Suite. Having powered global events like GES 2017 and Africa Tech Summit, Hubilo gained useful insights into the event apps and its trends.

According to Vaibhav Jain, the founder and CEO of Hubilo, the organization prioritizes the effortless navigation of the event app and with the solid feedback system, it has made possible to understand the attendee’s requirements better.

“The vision we had in mind was to automate the entire process of app building for the event organisers”, Vaibhav said.

Hubilo’s Event App-builder has built a number of options to simplify the event app creation processes for the event organisers. The range of customizable features includes customizable login process, adding Custom Weblinks, New Menu Screen, Live Polls, Live QnA, Scan QR code, Gamification section and so on. Hence, self and trouble-free customization implemented throughout.

With a more user-friendly interface, creating an event app from Hubilo’s dashboard has become a smooth process where the client will just need onboarding and rest is simplified for him. This new app builder is totally advantageous for the event organisers.

The event organizer can also analyze the event via the event analytics section integrated into the App builder. From the total attendance to the engagement analytics, everything can be calculated which in turn provides the organizer with an idea of the Event ROI.

Hubilo’s feature set also includes event registration, event ticketing, event website, event apps, event networking, on-site check-in, RSVP engine and so on.

The event app builder devised by Hubilo, promises event attendees with a seamless event app experience.

You can now have a look at Hubilo’s All-new App Builder here.

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