Informa Markets Re-Introduce Exhibitions with Extensive Safety Protocols

To arrange physical trade exhibitions in the times of new normal, Informa Markets in India came up with AllSecure, which is a set of safety and precautions standards to ensure the safety of all the stakeholders.

Informa markets in India has started organizing physical trade exhibitions, totally supported and backed up by the AllSecure and travel safety guide (an informational document for the safety of employees). These include not just health related measures but also measures related to energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. These safety guidelines will act as an assurance to all the visitors and the other stakeholders to join the event without any hesitations.

Such international safety protocols are based on the principles of physical distancing, protect and detect, cleaning and hygiene.

The travel safety guide issued by the Informa Market focuses on taking care of its employees as a priority, so that they do not face any health issues and can perform their best during the exhibits. It even involves a travel safety application.

This application uses state-of-the-art mining technology that enables quick identification and display of potential threats on the basis of the business traveler’s location or the destination to be reached. This also provides pre travel advice.

On top of all this, Informa Markets in India have taken up various eco-friendly and sustainability initiatives.

For instance, they use ‘Online Exhibitor Manual’ which ultimately helped in conserving 320 treesby avoiding paper printing, essential kits made of organic material instead of plastic folders which contributes to reducing approximately 3100 kgs of carbon emission per year. They use only LED or CFL lights in the exhibitions which helped in reducing CO2 emission of around 1629 kgs.

On implementing these interesting and effective measures undertaken by the Informa Markets in India, Yogesh Mudras, the Managing Director, Informa Markets stated, “We are happy to kickstart the physical form of exhibitions with compliance to travel and safety protocols, including Informa’sAllSecure and Travel Safety Guide. Exhibitions are key mobilizers and facilitators of the economy and for the past few years, because of our advocacy, we have witnessed a visible transformation in policy initiatives towards the industry. Due to this dynamic situation, the interim period between Unlock and our foray into physical expos has provided us the time to assess, fortify, test and amplify all these measures. They will aid in building the requisite faith among our internal and external stakeholders towards attending our much-awaited physical shows.”

He also added to his existing statement, “Looking ahead, we seek to provide turnkey hybrid engagements, combining the best of physical and virtual platforms. The protocols will enable us to offer even more efficient, impressive and state-of-the-art solutions for our stakeholders’ ever changing requirements. For the moment, we look forward to welcoming them at our physical trade exhibitions in a safe and sustainable manner,”

They commenced their physical trade exhibitions by organizing the first with SATTE 2021, 24TH through 26TH March in Greater Noida (Travel and Hospitality).

Can you suggest any more measures? Let us know what you have in mind?

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