Interview with Ravi Kant, COO at Latent Solution, UAE, A Digital Experience & Cyber Security Company

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Ravi Kant

COO - Latent Solution

With the winding up of Expo2022 and Covid restrictions recently, there are many opportunities lined-up for the businesses. Industry is experiencing next level of transformation through automations in this digital era and hence Latent Solution is able to establish itself as a leading Digital Experience and Cyber Security Solution company in UAE.

From Startups, SMEs to Large Corporates, every business is looking to go aggressive online and also safeguard their data, hence such company who can understand both sides of the business was the need of an hour.

Exhibition Globe could get into Question and Answer session with Mr. Ravi Kant, Co-Founder & COO of Latent Solutions, UAE.

1. Would you like to brief about your company?

We are a Digital Experience and Cyber Security solution company based in UAE and India with offices in Dubai, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. We consult and help our clients for their requirement of Website and Mobile Development, Digital Marketing - Branding, Data Privacy, Cyber Security, and Network Security. Our team comprises of Technology expert, Digital Enthusiast, Cyber Security and Data Consultants dealing with latest technologies like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, etc. We provide Cybersecurity Consulting, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and Cybercrime Investigation.

Latent Solution helps client not only to build and grow their presence online but also safeguard their systems and data from Cyber-attacks. Our company work along with the clients to customize our solution and services as per their requirement, aligned with the budget and goals.

2. Would you like to tell us about your Journey since the Inception of the company?

We saw a big gap here in UAE. The companies wanted to outsource their Digital Marketing and Branding tasks but at the same time they were more worried about the data. Latent Solution that started as a Digital Experience company, later started providing Cyber Security Solution to the clients and then to the world as an independent services. Now, while we help the brands to promote their business we also help them safeguard their data and systems. We are able to work more closely with them and they have confidence in us for their data safety and branding.

We are helping Startups, SMEs and Large Corporates in UAE region and India to secure their applications and manage their data through our customized solutions. Our pragmatic approach has helped our client to experience more practical and workable solutions. Our strength is helping companies to go online and be safe too.

3. Could you please highlight the USP of your company?

I would say our experience, team strength, knowledge, and years of practice in this local area of UAE probably are our differentiators. We understand people, companies, policies, trade, and the way everything operates here in UAE. Our team consists of members from diversified background who understand various aspects of business like Technology, Cyber Security, Digital, Legal, etc. They all have working experience and have served clientele in various countries. Along with this we always believe in providing customized solutions to our client so that always is an advantage for both client and us.

4. What is the roadmap for next 3 to 5 years?

We are operating through our offices in Dubai and Mumbai and working with the clients both in UAE and India. We are trying to tap Startups and SMEs in other emirates of UAE and by next year we would like to target other countries in MENA region. We are helping startups to have their compliances in place after doing proper analysis. We are taking part in various Exhibitions and Events so that we can increase our reach and try to educate more and more CXOs about our services and how it can help them to operate better in future. In future, we are also planning to introduce solutions to automate the compliances, to secure the data and monitor everything.

We will definitely try to smoothen the process and deliver the best results to our clients for the services we are getting engaged with them. We keep the fingers crossed for our future and will try to match our pace with the growing industries in UAE.

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