Points to consider while creating Checklist for your next tradeshow

Are you a B2B business? Are you planning to exhibit in the next tradeshow? If the reply is YES, then you should be carefully planning for it.

As an exhibitor, you should have the checklist ready for all the stages, right from the planning of your exhibition till the end. You should be aware of the reason for exhibiting in the next tradeshow; it can be anything and everything. It is understood that you might have done your research, analysis and calculation about cost of exhibiting and the return on the investment expected from your next exhibition. You should also be aware of the expected visited profiles, prospects and conversion expectation to attain maximum profit out of the investment planned. 

Most important element of your checklist will be“Budget Control”. You should plan and spend your budget wisely during all the phases of your planned tradeshow. You can consult for your cash flow from the experts in your industry. If you are exhibiting in the next tradeshow, try to talk more frequently to the Organizer to know more about the planned exhibition and its expected footfall and profile of visitors. Identify “Nice to have” and “Must to have” pointers in your checklist and don’t waste your funds on the things which are not so important. Most of the companies try to experiment with unwanted things and go wrong in their planning. Get help from experts to create your checklist who can guide you in framing it to achieve your business objective.

Few important pointers to keep in mind:

  • Analyze and Finalize Stall Space in the exhibiting layout
  • Registration and Confirmation of your stall
  • Design your Stall and get it built
  • Signage, Graphics, Prints and all the marketing materials
  • Shipping, Installing, Dismantling the stall built in tradeshows
  • Insurance
  • Electrics, Flooring, Audio Visuals, Screen, Projector etc.
  • Staffing Requirement for the tradeshows
  • Travel & Accommodation arrangement/tie-up

One thing is to be kept in mind that size of the exhibition stand is not important for one to drive leads or sales. You should have skilled, well trained and knowledgeable team on your exhibition stand to represent your company. Humans can communicate and induce the visitors better than any other medium of communication. Every exhibition is different and needs special attention as per its USP, Organizer, scale of exhibition, Profile of visitors, etc. Revisit your checklist to ensure you have missed almost nothing.

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