Top 10 Popular Trade Show Giveaways 2021


knowing that most of the exhibitors are going to gift promotional giveaways products like a pen, diary, bag, keychain, pen drive, etc. in Trade show Giveaways 2021. As a Trade show item, you can try to manage something different and unique Trade show giveaways. Unique promotional products can do wonders and can be a smart choice for gifting to engage the visitors. You should emboss the name of your company on the gift so that it can leave the permanent mark on your visitors’ mind. This helps in positioning your brand to your potential customers.

Today there are a number of options when it comes to giveaway for your exhibition giveaways in both costs effective and quality centric manner. Brand your product such that one can remember forever and it gives relevance to their life.

Let us understand the best options of Trade show giveaways ideas for 2021 that can be effective as well in all means no matter if you are the first time exhibitor.

  • Key Chain: Simple yet useful option for your promotional giveaways options. People carry keys so they need a keychain. There are fair chances that most of your consumers may use your gift so don’t forget to have your brand identity embossed on the keychain.


  • Power Banks: Charge your power banks so that your cell can be charged while you are on the move. It is the most useful gift option for people carrying multiple cell phones and has continuous use of it for business or personal purpose.


  • USB Flash Drive: The more we are moving toward technological advancement, the more we feel to have the storage memory. Gifting USB flash drive can be very useful especially if it is having both Phone and laptop adapter to connect.


  • Metal Bottles: It can be slightly expensive but may be very useful and can be carried at multiple locations. It has longer durability as well so you stand better chances of being with your potential customers.


  • Stationery: Stationery items like Notepad, Pen, Bags, Diary, Paperweight, etc. can be good options if you are planning to stick to this type of gifting. It can be useful to the person and you can plan to gift any of those or make a nice pack of all the items with your branding embossed on it.


  • Reusable Bags: It can be very useful especially if it is reusable bags. Let your visitors carry your bag wherever they move with your brand identity on it.


  • Solar Phone Chargers: Be with the time. This year plan for Green tech because that’s going to be big. Solar phone chargers are not only used to charge your phone on the move but also are environment-friendly. It can be of regular use to your visitor.



Make Best Design for your Trade show Giveaways for 2021 Gift.

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