Spotify to Launch Virtual Events Feature

The new Spotify Feature will update the fans about their favorite artists’ upcoming virtual parents

The COVID-19 pandemic had a drastic impact on the music industry as well. There are many artists who actually relied on the live shows and concerts to engage with their fans and earn from their live tours of their albums. It hugely impacted their incomes.

The upcoming feature on Spotify can really help solve this issue, it will help the fans connect with their favorite artists by paying for tickets for their live virtual events. This feature will intimate the Spotify users way before the live show.

Spotify has an old reputation of connecting fans with their idles. They added a similar feature in 2015 to discover concerts. Spotify is going to leverage its huge databases and the information about their users like their interests and locations to suggest them live shows or concerts. They can really do this on a broader scale now, since for attending virtual live shows, it does not necessarily has to be near to the user for him/her to attend it. That is the beauty of it.

For making this work they will have to make some trivial changes in existing partner agreements to gain access to their virtual event listings, which would not be very difficult for them. This also keeps their reputation as a platform for artists and its users intact, which would make it more preferable for the artists.

Up until recently, Spotify has really played safe and kept its price economical by following the industry- standard approach.

It provides its users to choose from a premium account or an ad funded account, while offering an offers like premium duo, get premium for a day and family plan for the Premium account. They are also kind of working on improving their work upon audio books.

Are you a Spotify user? What do you think of the new upcoming feature?