All You Need To Know About Expo City Dubai

Expo City Dubai : Cost, History, Details

There is news trending all around the world that Expo City Dubai 2020 is going to make a mark forever as District 2020.

Although, many changes have been made to the plans. Years before the reveal of Expo 2020 Dubai inviting guests to experience its 188 pavilions, plans were first made in 2017 for Expo 2020’s legacy. Many were impressed that the site would leave a permanent mark on the city.

Now, the news is that the city is being renamed Expo City 2020, set to open in phases and the first phase is going to be unveiled in September. Many are excited to know about what the newly uncovered Dubai city has to offer.

According to the sources, Expo City will be a clean, green, tech-enabled city of the future backed by sustainability, innovation, education, and entertainment. It sounds like it will be a unique place as it promises the blueprint for green urban planning around the globe.

So, here is the ultimate guide for Dubai Expo City and you will get every detail you need to know.

Thus, before knowing about the details of the Expo City Dubai we need to know where it is located? Expo City Dubai is located exactly where Expo City 2020 was. Estimates are there that it will feature almost 80% Expo-built infrastructure.

How can a person reach Dubai Expo City?

A person can reach the Dubai Expo City by Dubai Metro via Expo 2020 station. According to the sources, plans are there for the buggies, bicycles, and scooters to be used as the mode of transport in the zone. But cars will not be allowed in the Expo City Dubai. It is scheduled to open its first phase in September 2022.

Will New Expo City Dubai have any of the Expo City 2020 Pavilions and attractions?

Many Pavilions will remain the same in Dubai Expo City. Like The UAE Pavilion, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion, Women’s Pavilion, Vision Pavilion, Alif – the Mobility Pavilion, and Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion will remain the same. Others pavilions that are also available in the city will be modified versions of Luxembourg, Australia, Pakistan, India, Morocco, and Egypt pavilions.

The Garden in the sky observation tower, Al Wasl Plaza, and the surreal water feature will also remain the same at Expo City Dubai as Expo City 2020.

Are there any new exhibits at Expo City Dubai?

News is there that a new exhibit named Stories of Nations will be displayed. Also, the Opportunity Pavillion will become the Expo City 2020 Museum.

Are there any entry fees for Expo City Dubai?

No, there will no entry fees to enter the Dubai Expo City. However, there will be some fees to visit the attractions of the city. The tickets’ prices will be announced later.

Other Details of Expo City Dubai

According to the estimates, Dubai Expo City will have a 10-kilometre-long bicycle track, a 5-kilometre running track, and an enormous amount of outdoor space. It will also have entertainment, retail venues, and restaurants there. People will be allowed to live in homes at Dubai Expo City. There will also be business hubs. It will be the world’s largest city to be fully enabled with the 5g network.

How is Expo City Dubai sustainable?

Dubai Expo City is fully pedestrianized, free of single-use plastic, and will include over 1200 LEED-certified buildings. At Dubai Expo City, the world’s largest Mindsphere – Siemens’ cloud technology platform is installed. It uses smart metering and sensors to monitor energy consumption and efficiency of power, light, water, and climate conditioning systems. It will be the first city in the region to have WELL certified community. The City focuses on creating an environment that is positive for health and wellness.

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