Biffa aims to make Birmingham 2022 CommonWealth Games, a sustainable event

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This year, the Commonwealth Games are happening in Birmingham starting from 28 July to 8 August. Thus, it will see a great rush of people as well as an economic boost. Several visitors, athletes, and staff will travel, stay in the region, attend the events, and will enjoy the great hospitality during the event for almost two weeks. Consequently, increasing the production and usage of materials, products, and foods and thus increasing the amount of waste.

However, Biffa which is a waste management company is selected as the official Waste Management and Recycling Provider for the 2022 Commonwealth Games at Birmingham. According to Michael Topham, CEO of waste management company Biffa, they are chosen because they are helping Birmingham 2022 Games the most sustainable games happened by using the R’s principles more and not exporting any plastic waste, and also, ensuring zero waste goes to landfill.

Although not every organization has the big responsibility of managing waste in such a big event like Birmingham 2022, there are fundamental principles that a business leader or organization can follow and make a concrete place in the economy.

Plan before the event

It is important to plan things before the event to make the event environment-friendly and sustainable. Sustainability should be an important point in the event. Get the right people to associate with to ensure less environmental impact due to the event. Diversified experience and expertise promote creative thinking. People from different backgrounds with diversified perspectives help in shifting the focus from what needs to be done to what is possible.

For example, Many people associate waste with cleaning up after some event has happened, But it is more than that. Associating early with the professionals from the field of waste management helps in early planning that will help in mapping waste streams, identifying problem materials, and even preventing and reducing waste.

Like at Biffa, they advise their partner vendors to use the packaging materials that can be recycled and reused and instructs how to redistribute surplus stock. Thus, a clear strategy from a professional at an early stage can help in unlocking new opportunities.

Sustainability is more than just managing waste. However, managing waste effectively can help a lot in reducing carbon emissions to a great extent and therefore overall environmental impact due to an event. Also, Birmingham 2022 is benefiting from the infrastructure of Biffa as they use less fuel due to traveling short distances resulting in lower emissions from the event.

Consider all the possibilities

When a large event happens, massive people come along with social and environmental consequences. Be aware of the impacts of the event on the surroundings. Look beyond the venue area. Seek opportunities to connect with the important group and public services to work together for the benefit of the city and leave a mutual legacy. Biffa is proud to do so and give it back to Birmingham.

For the 12 days event, The company is expecting to collect, sort, and process about 400 tonnes of mixed recycling waste at their transfer station in the West Midlands. Apart from this, the officials also expect to send 230 tonnes of food waste to anaerobic digestion which will save about over 140 tonnes of CO2e compared to the traditional landfill which is equal to 17 million smartphone charges. Also, 100 tonnes of glass and 20 tonnes of metal are expected to be recycled. Along with this, 600 tonnes of non-recyclable waste will be used to produce energy which will help provide power to houses and businesses in the West Midlands.

Engage and Encourage your employees

Although, not every business has hired specialized sustainable experts. Thus, one solution to this is to inspire your employees to be the champions to promote your environmental agenda. According to the reports by Deloitte, younger generations are more passionate about sustainable practices than any other group, so use it in your favor. Encourage your workforce to investigate and learn how to increase your business, make it better and emerge as one of the top businesses. If the workers are willing to do this, it may feel like a passion project which will raise a sense of ownership as a result their confidence boost. This confidence boost will help in increasing the overall performance of the company.

Encouraging your whole team to participate in the sustainability journey opens up the opportunity for them to the growth and explore something new. For Biffa, 100 volunteers from all the areas of business become the part of historic Birmingham Games and its recycling ambassador.

Make an impact on the people

Moreover, use your event to make people aware of sustainability and other values. Also, discuss with your partners how to spread this message.

Like at the Games event, Biffa’s volunteers will advise attendees on which bin to use that will help in avoiding contaminate recycling and distributing a Visitors’ Guide as part of an education mission on the circular economy. The 2022 Birmingham Games aim to leave a carbon-neutral legacy and Biffa is committed to sustainability that will enable people to inspire and think and act differently. The mission of the company is to inspire people to think differently about waste. Also, the company aims to influence people’s behavior for good not just emptying bins and processing the waste.

What motivates CEO, Michael Topham?

The CEO of Biffa, Michael Topham said that the passion and excitement of their employees to participate in the Birmingham Games 2022 to spread joy and educate people about waste management is impressive. He is proud of his team. This large-scale event provides an important and unique opportunity to set an example for upcoming sustainable events.

Mick Wright, Executive Director of Workforce and Games Services at Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games is feeling the same as the CEO of Biffa and said that they want the Birmingham Games 2022 to have a positive impact on the world that will last long after the final medal has been awarded. Also, environmental responsibility is the heart of this event including a commitment to creating a carbon-neutral legacy.

He further added that their aim for the Games is to have a positive impact not only in West Midlands but on the whole world. They want to set an example for future Commonwealth Games and other sporting events can look up to. The officials of Birmingham Games 2022 are glad to work with Biffa to achieve this aim.

Birmingham Games 2022 is proof to the world that an event that benefits all parties, as well as the planet, is within reach. The company’s representative said that they obviously can’t make sunshine but they can ensure that this year’s games’ waste avoid landfill and contributes to a brighter future in the circular economy

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