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Submission Policies

When you submit an article/success story/press release / internal news/company update / Interview question response, we will take it to imply that the content submitted by you / your representative has not already been published or submitted elsewhere.

If similar or related content has been published or submitted elsewhere, it comes under plagiarism and Google may penalize us for the same.

Our editorial team reserves the right to suggest changes/modifications in your submission content before our team decides to publish it on our platform. Our team reserves the right to accept or reject any content, in any form, for publication depending on the best of their knowledge and expertise and as per understanding of our readers.

Our team may take 3 to 4 weeks to review and revert to your content. If the content includes personal communications, please provide a written statement of permission from the person who is quoted in your content. Permission by email only is acceptable. We reserve the right to reject / delete content even after it has been accepted and published if it becomes apparent that there are issues with its content; or our submission or publishing policies have been violated.

If you have any urgent announcement or submissions to be done our brand marketing team will handle the same, you can email at

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