Éclat Shines with Stunning Exhibit at GIFA METEC Bangkok 2023

Éclat GIFA METEC Bangkok 2023

Breaking Boundaries: Éclat’s Remarkable Showcase at GIFA METEC Bangkok 2023

Beyond Boundaries: An Experience to Remember

Planning, conceptualization, coordination, execution. Now imagine doing all this across international borders, different time zones, and within a tight timeline.

That was the reality for the Éclat’s team as they curated a stunning 90sq.m booth for a German client at GIFA METEC Bangkok 2023. Éclat had to collaborate with the client’s local office from Delhi and channel partners in Singapore, all while coordinating from our Mumbai base.

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At Éclat, last year was about delivering impactful experiences globally. They executed successful projects in Germany (where Éclat was introduced to this client), Nepal (a beautiful location for off-site events!), Turkey (another great suggestion by Éclat for clients), and more.

But the most exciting was a turn-key project for their German client at Southeast Asia’s GIFA METEC Bangkok, part of the renowned “Bright World of Metals” series. This project offered a unique opportunity for their client to connect with key decision-makers in the booming South Asian market.

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For Éclat, it was a chance to showcase their full range of services:

    • Design
    • Coordination and communication
    • Fabrication
    • Content development
    • Booth management
    • Hospitality
    • Travel and logistics
    • Resource allocation
    • Safety and quality
    • Tech development
    • Brand experience and servicing

The challenge? “Create a mesmerising functional booth that champions sustainability with multiple engagement zones. And manage it for 4 days.”

“Meeting these expectations required innovative solutions. We were determined to demonstrate sustainability without compromising functionality.” as said by Mr. Ankit Kapoor, Founding Director and Events Head at Éclat Media Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. Our team rose to the occasion, working tirelessly on several fronts.

Here is what went into making this project a successful one as shared by their team:

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Meticulous Planning: To ensure seamless execution amidst tight timelines and multi-level approvals, our experts streamlined task delegation. Leveraging planning sheets, Gantt charts, and project management software, we assigned tasks, tracked progress, and facilitated clear communication across all teams. This lean approach minimised information silos and paved the way for flawless execution.

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Design: We designed the booth structure, branding spaces, graphics (including content for LED/TV screens), and UI/UX for touch kiosks. Our design team leveraged top asset libraries and AI-generated graphics to create impactful visuals.

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Technology: We love technology! At Éclat, we embrace technology and constantly strive to come up with innovations for clients to enhance customer experiences. This project was no different. We developed a beautiful touch screen kiosk, run with a UI/UX developed by our team that helped visitors at the booth to explore everything about our client’s business. We saw people interacting with the screen seamlessly, asking more about what they saw, thereby allowing their clients to display their true strength.

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Sustainability: Have you heard about someone known as ‘Sustainability Designer’. Meet our sustainability superheroes! These design wizards don’t just dream in green, they turn it into reality. Their eco-conscious magic brought our booth to life, showcasing sustainable materials and designs that resonated from every corner.

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Project Management: The success of our booth is a testament to our dedicated event service team. They ensured every aspect met rigorous quality, safety, function, aesthetic, and sustainability standards through meticulous checks. Working tirelessly across time zones, they kept stakeholders informed and plans on track, resulting in a seamless execution.

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Hospitality and Booth Management: The delivery of a successful booth is not where the story ends. In fact, that is where the real magic unfolded. When visitors started to pour in and engage with the client to learn more about their offerings, our hospitality team took care of keeping them refreshed with beverages and snacks served across 4 days at the booth. We came up with a handcrafted menu of snacks and beverages served at designer kiosks in premium drinkware and serveware by a highly professional staff from hotel management backgrounds. This allowed the client to focus all their energies in engaging with their visitors while we took care to keep them refreshed in a classy sophisticated manner.

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The final booth was a bespoke, eye-catching design with multiple engagement zones, each showcasing the brand’s offerings and strengths with a subtle nod to sustainability. The booth also celebrated the brand’s 150th anniversary alongside the show’s success.

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“This Bangkok stall was a testament to our ability to deliver exceptional results even amidst complex challenges. It showcased our expertise in design, execution, content creation, and event management, all within a sustainable framework.” as said by Dr. Rinkle Sangoi Kapoor, Founding Director and Creative head at Éclat. “As we expand our geographic reach and expertise, we remain committed to exceeding client expectations and creating truly unforgettable experiences.”

At Éclat, last year was about delivering impactful experiences globally. That was the reality for their team as they curated a stunning 90sq.m booth for a German client at GIFA METEC Bangkok 2023.

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