How we help exhibitor increase engagement before start of exhibition

Exhibitor companies in UAE are always looking at various ways to get more and more engagement for their stand in exhibition. They constantly look for creative ideas to achieve better Return on Investment. Ideally they would like to see good traction even before the start of the exhibition to keep the entire team boosted and motivated. There is a famous saying “Well begun is half done”.

I have personally experienced that most of the exhibitors are always concerned about the pre-exhibit period. They wish to be prepared or get some kind of confirmation on the number of visitors they can expect to their stand. This helps them to make better planning and re-package the services as per the situation.

If you are an exhibitor, you must have experienced that it’s not an easy task to manage an event. You cannot just expect things to work the way you wish. Can you really expect to reach the event, set up your stand, meet all the visitors coming to you and convince them to buy your product or service? Many of you will surely agree that it’s not that easy. It may work in some cases but that would be only for a few!!!

As an exhibitor, you are probably investing few thousands in order to exhibit in any exhibition. Your investment may be in the form of design and creating stand, sample products, freebies, prints, giftification, human resources and other materials that are required in any exhibition. Most of the exhibitors skip or feel it to be a wrong investment to put in social Media marketing to drive engagement during pre-event period.

The study says that 57% of sales during the exhibition takes place before you hear out your potential customers. Visitors usually do their research before entering any exhibition and plan their visits as per the stand to maximize their benefit. They plan to make visits to relevant stands which can provide them the maximum information in one to one meet as an extension of what they have experienced or read in the online campaign. It’s so very essential to interact with your prospects pre show via proper Digital Strategy campaign to find out more about their interest and clear expectation to visit your stand. With the help of this campaign and its results, you can be more prepared and share right and enough information with them to ensure just an affirmative response to close a deal!

As an exhibitor you would definitely like to know who is attending the exhibition and their interest level in your products or services. In today’s digital automation world, a lot of Organizers are helping their exhibitors with various in-built tools which enable to have accurate data about the visitors, their previous patterns, likes, etc. Few organizers even help you to create temporary registration link for your exhibition stand so that you can utilize that in your overall campaign to drive registration of possible visitors to your stand.

Organizers today take help of various software and mobile applications to get visitors registered for specific events, connect to other visitors, connect to exhibitors and message to connect with each other beforehand. This will help them to be very clear about the expectation from each other if they are planning to meet in person during an exhibition. As an exhibitor you can know registered visitors, their expectation, about their business, and initiate your communication with them. If you can very well elaborate his expectation in your product or services, you end up getting a hot lead and eventually a deal closure.

As an exhibitor you should not rely only on visitors engaged by your organizer but you should also send link to your existing clients and visitors or clients from past exhibitions. You can expect repetitive visitors as well which can make your pitch easier to them since it’s already a relation established with them. If you know about all previous visitors who are visiting this time too, you can plan their pitch as per their last discussion output or remarks. You should maintain the habit of using your exhibition link to your email signatures, PR, social handles, and all related prints. Few exhibitors have started using adword campaigns to capture more data for their mail marketing campaigns.

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