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An Employment and Skilling Stage for the Hospitality Industry

Kaam.com is a tech-enabled staffing and employment stage for the accommodation sector that has been co-built with the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI). The stage has a holistic approach by offering admittance to employment opportunities as well as upskilling, preparation, and financial consideration.

Kaam.com will be initiated by entrepreneurs Rishi Khiani and Agnelo Miranda.

With accommodation representing 8% of India’s labour force, this is the very first industry-driven solution to mobilize an enormous part of India’s fragmented talent pool. The stage utilizes Web3 innovation, including blockchain, AI, and sight and sound, to make a modern interactive profile that replaces the dated CV. The hybrid online-offline way of dealing with obtaining abilities tends to exacerbate existing inefficiencies within the recruitment process.

Powerful recruiting has always been challenging for the hospitality industry, which was just exacerbated by the pandemic. 80% of India’s hospitality workforce is transitory, and cross-country job discovery has forever been really difficult for job seekers. Kaam.com is addressing this problem through an offline-online hybrid model of talent sourcing. Its Blockchain-powered worker profiles give verified employment and certificate history.

The business has been built on three support points: recruitment, skilling, and financial advantages. At its center, Kaam.com is a commercial center for employment opportunities inside the accommodation sector that coordinates the interest in occupations with the supply of talented human resources. It goes beyond just providing a task with a community approach to deal with upskilling and future learning experiences. The stage gives a suite of value-added financial services like salary advances, insurance, and advantages from ecosystem enablers like travel, boarding, and business.

Kabir Suri, President, NRAI, said, “The NRAI is focused on settling problem areas and making solutions for the business and its individuals.” “Co-building this solution and partnering with kaam.com, works on the simplicity of recruiting as well as creates employment opportunities more available for job seekers all over India.

Kaam.com Founder, Rishi Khiani, said, “Our main goal at Kaam.com has been to leverage India’s amazing ability at scale while having an enduring effect on middle and low-pay networks.” The hospitality industry is one of India’s largest job creators and the employment opportunities it creates have the capacity to change the billion-strong workforce as well as work on their personal satisfaction with pride of work. “

The group at NRAI, led by Rachel Goenka and Pranav Rungta, has been working intimately with the group at Kaam.com to really address the problem areas that the business has been facing, as well as develop worker forward highlights, for example, skilling, training, accreditation, verification, and admittance to financial administrations and advantages. Restaurants, hoteliers, chefs, and industry stalwarts are working together with Kaam.com to provide high-quality training content and certification. NRAI tries to expand the pool of talent inside the industry through accelerated skill development programs and local initiatives.

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