Anindgita Dasgupta all set to make her directorial debut through the Bengali web series

Anindgita Dasgupta in Bengali web series

Anindgita Dasgupta, a well-known director and writer in the Hindi as well as Bengali Film industry, is all set to make her directorial debut through the Bengali series named “Kuch Kuch film Jaisi” made under the production House of Aam Public Entertainment.

She is an Arts graduate with an honors degree in Bengali Literature. She has also made the Bengali film named ‘Bandh’ and gained vast experience in the Hindi Cinema industry. The web series will have 14 episodes with an approximate view time of 4.5 hours. The story of Kuch Kuch film Jaisi revolves around the five main characters mentioning some irresistible social issues and their solutions by using a serious yet entertaining narrative.

Prthiwijeet Seth, Hema Shah from Kolkata, Vikhyat Swades, Luv Sharma, Ankush Tripati from Mumbai, Urusha Pandey from Nepal, and many more are in the star cast of the web series. Anindgita Dasgupta has managed the story, script, concept, direction, production, and cinematography. The production work of the series is going in Mumbai, the series is almost complete and is ready to be aired soon on the OTT and other platforms.

She said that the Kuch Kuch film Jaisi series has brought up various social issues such as rape, the mentality of a rapist, schizophrenia, and many others and their solutions. The story and concept are exciting, entertaining, and inspiring. The web series is almost complete and the production work is going on in Mumbai. Soon the series will reach the television screen and OTT platforms to entertain audiences.

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