Successful Event Organized by Gandhi Shilp Bazaar to Showcase Artisans’ Craftsmanship in Mumbai

Gandhi Shilp Bazaar to Showcase Artisans in India

Mumbai, January 28, 2024: Gandhi Shilp Bazaar recently organized a resounding event to spotlight and promote the rich tapestry of handicrafts and handloom products created by talented artisans from across India.

Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Government of India, Ministry of Textiles, organized GANDHI SHILP BAZAAR – an Exhibition-cum-Sale of exquisite Handicrafts – at Kora Kendra Ground, Borivali (W), Mumbai from 19th to 28th January 2024. Gandhi Shilp Bazaar is a joint initiative by The Office of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Government of India, Ministry of Textiles and M/s. Shri Jal Jivan Jyot Stree Sahayak Vividh Utpadak Sahakari Mandli Ltd., Vadodara committed to promoting and preserving traditional craftsmanship.

The event, held in Mumbai, served as a vibrant platform for artisans to exhibit and sell their unique creations, providing a direct interface with discerning consumers. This 10 days event served as a marketing platform and assisted the artisans to sell their products directly to the buyers and interested people thus ensuring regular income among the artisans and weavers enabling local people to source their requirement. The participants of the event are artisans and weavers from all across the country and they did exhibit their master pieces in the event in the field or handicrafts and handlooms. There were around 100 Handicrafts artisans and Handloom weavers’ participants.

“Gandhi Shilp Bazaar is a celebration of India’s rich cultural heritage and a testament to the incredible skills of our artisans. Through this platform, we aim to provide them with exposure and opportunities that contribute to their economic well-being.” said Mrs. Mitra Godbole and Mr. Dharam Singh representatives of the NGO expressed enthusiasm about the event.

The Gandhi Shilp Bazaar, held at Borivali, Mumbai, brought together a diverse array of artisans from across the country, showcasing the cultural diversity and traditional craftsmanship embedded in their creations. Visitors had the opportunity to explore a wide range of exquisite handloom textiles, intricately crafted handicrafts, and traditional artifacts, each narrating a unique story of heritage and skill.

Exhibition Globe’s extensive network and expertise in connecting international organizers and exhibitors to connect local artisans aligned with Gandhi Shilp Bazaar with a global market.

“We are honored to partner with Gandhi Shilp Bazaar, an initiative by the Ministry of Textiles, to promote the incredible work of local artisans. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to promote cultural diversity, and we are grateful to be part of such a noble initiative. Many artisans are honored by state and national awards and we would like to highlight their success stories to the world” said Mr. Kamlesh Dubey, Founder and CEO of Exhibition Globe

Under the guidance of the Office of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), the event not only provided a marketplace for artisans to sell their products directly but also served as a platform to create awareness about the importance of preserving and promoting traditional crafts. The commitment of the Government of India to support the artisan community was evident throughout the event, reflecting a shared vision of fostering economic empowerment and cultural sustainability.

About the Office of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)

The Office of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) is a pivotal institution under the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, dedicated to the development, promotion, and sustainability of India’s rich handicraft and handloom traditions. By organizing events like Gandhi Shilp Bazaar, the office actively works towards preserving the cultural legacy of artisans while fostering economic growth.

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