10 Amazon SMB Award Winners 2020

10 Amazon SMB Award Winners

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the nation are seeing an upward development direction. In addition, with the beginning of web based business, these SMBs are presently offering their items to different nations also. All thanks to digitisation blast in India.

Amazon at the Amazon Smbhav occasion shortlisted 10 victors across various classifications, to congratulate what has been accomplished by these SMBs in India. Not only SMBs, Amazon likewise granted business visionaries who made a social effect. During the Amazon Smbhav occasion, a portion of these business people got rewards from Amazon’s organizer and CEO Jeff Bezos. A lot of new businesses namely, Pee Safe, Try and Buy Fashion etc as well as already established and popular brands got counted into it.

Listed below are the SMB award winners-

1. Vahdam Teas (Worldwide SMB of the year)

Vahdam Teas guarantees that it sells India’s best teas and superfoods. As of now, the organization is getting its significant incomes from the US, Europe and South Asian nations.
The organization professes to have offered to in excess of 1,000,000 clients. It was established in 2015 by Bala Sarda.

2. Tanvi Johri, Carmesi (Business tycoon of the year)

Carmesi began as a feminine cleanliness item brand. As of now, the organization makes menstrual hygiene products like sanitary pads which are biodegradable as well as panty liners. It was established by Tanvi Johri in the year 2017. Johri had won the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia and India in the year 2019.

3. Pee Safe ( Best SMB of the year)

PeeSafe is a cleanliness item start up which was established by Vikas Bagaria and Srijana Bagaria in the year 2013. Isopropyl, liquor based, brisk drying latrine seat sanitizer is its lead item that has been clinically affirmed. This brand had been one of the most efficient and fast developing brands in 2013.

4. PlayShifu (digital SMB of the year)

PlayShifu assembles intelligent toys for youngsters. The start up assists kids with participating and making themselves familiar with augmented reality (AR) based items. It is a Bangalore based start up established by Dinesh Advani and Vivek Goyal.

5. Arjun Vaidya, CEO of Dr Vaidya’s (youth SMB of the year)

Dr Vaidya’s is a 150-year-old brand that has now forayed into trendy ayurvedic item. It incorporates medical care and skincare too. As of now, the organization is selling more than 100 ayurvedic items. It is one of the Indian ayurvedic brands to have existed a century and still pacing up.

6. Kadam Haat (the year’s best Social entrepreneur with social objectives)

Kadam Haat is a non-administrative association which helps rustic youth and ladies to make money by assembling high quality items. It was established by Payal Nath and Pooja Ratnakar, As of now, the NGO helps more than 6000 ladies belonging to the backward rural areas of India to turn into an supportive network for their families.

7. Loom Solar (the year’s Quickest developing SMB)

Loom Solar makes mono sun powered boards and AC modules to create power. It consequently helps in diminishing contamination and bringing down energy costs. It was established by Amol Anand and Amod Anand in the year 2018.

8. Being Chef ( the year’s best alteration)

Being Chef gives monetary and quality food to its clients. It was established by Shubham Maheshwari. Also, the start up additionally gives membership models and on-request healthful suppers to its organizations.

9. Try And Buy Fashion (Trend-setter of the year)

Try And Buy Fashion plans to transform web based shopping as much like that of the walk in shopping as conceivable by attempting and purchasing of clothing through virtual beauticians and virtual preliminary rooms. All of it is possible with the help of innovation. It was established by Nitin Vats in the year 2017. The start up uses trendy innovations to make the virtual “walk in and try” facility available to the public.

10. ClearDekho (the year’s best job creator)

ClearDekho is a spending plan eye wear brand that follows both on the web and walk-in methodologies. It is a Delhi based start up that was established by Saurabh Dayal and Shivi Singh. It attempts to give perfect eye wear solutions to their clients in extremely reasonable prices.

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