10 Lead Generation Tactics that Exhibitors Need to Know

To generate the best leads and networking at any trade show, business owners should always focus on solutions. Business owners can collect the needed information using various applications and devices with ease. By using the below mentioned ideas, business owners, marketers and even the trade show attendees can generate leads without much trouble.

Conduct a Webinar or a Seminar

Webinars are the latest ways using which businesses can connect with their consumers. Videos attract the attention of the readers more than an article and they can convert a lead into a customer. Webinars can include information about the new products or solutions and business owners can also add a course or a guide to the webinar which is related to the business. By adding the value to the webinar through education, business owners can make the viewers watch the complete webinar.

By Using CamCard

It is quite normal to end up with a number of business cards when one attends a trade show. Tacking all these business cards, inputting the data into the phone and to reach out to the clients requires a lot of time. Instead of going through the monotonous process, business owners can use the app CamCard which can be used on Windows, iOS and Android devices. The application can scan and also read cards in 16 languages. The users can take the snapshot of the cards and the app then automatically copies the information from the card and saves it. The user can later add notes about the individual and also set reminders. The information thus saved can also be synced and shared with ease.

Exit-Intent Pop-up

Visitors do not like to see interrupting pop-ups when they visit any website. Many people also tend to leave a website when they see a number of pop-ups. Businesses are thus wasting money if investing in pop-up advertisements. Instead of making a pop-up ad appear right away, it can be placed before the visitor leaves the website. This way, reader would have already spent some time checking the website and thus they might show some interest in the content of the pop-up too. As per companies like WP Beginner, the technique has boosted the rates of e-mail subscription by 600 percent.

Using AdWords for Event Marketing

With a number of trade shows and events happening every year, business owners find it hard to reach out to their target audience for every event. Instead of sending numerous emails with offers and event invites to clients, firms can use AdWords for the marketing of their event. AdWords is sold through Google and can be purchased for some target keywords or also for conference titles or the name of the company. Once the advertisements are live on the web, they help in developing new leads for the business and also help create that additional interest in the event.

At Phone Charging Stations

Every person who attends a trade show would carry a cell phone. As attendees will spend a lot of time inputting phone numbers, talking to new clients or taking notes on their phones, the battery life of the phones soon starts to die. Smart booths can be used to buy or rent the charging stations for the booth. When the phone runs out of power, people rush to these phone charging stations for charging their mobiles. This way, the company will have an option to get a new customer who might be interested in their products or solutions. The displays can be placed directly so that people who come to charge their phones at the charging stations can look at the display and learn more about the booth.

The QuickTapSurvey

Companies that have to conduct surveys and also capture data can make use of the QuickTapSurvey application that can help to collect information with ease. The app can be used for market research or to capture data and hence is ideal to be used at trade shows. Using the app, the companies can now collect feedback, generate new leads and also track the contact information. The app can also be used both online and offline and can be accessed with ease. The app also has an intuitive design, and the technology used makes it easy to analyze the data in real time. The app can also be used for sending of automatic emails for any immediate follow up of leads.

Promoting Media Mentions

Whenever a company gets mentioned in the top news outlets, they have a good opportunity for exposure. For example, XYZ Company gets mentioned by a reported named John Smith for a trade show. If the company is smart they will pay for the news article to get advertised online. As the news article gets additional advertising, the articles get a boost, thus providing exposure to the brand.

Using Mobile Applications

Businesses can use various applications at the trade shows that can help to generate leads. These apps are specially designed with special features that help to track consumer behaviors and geo locating attendees. Some of the applications also send out notification to smart devices when the company’s booth is ready to close. This is considered as a smart lead generation technique, considering the increasing number of smart phones that are in use today.


Wearable watches and the pedometers are great tools to promote products from fitness industry and the same strategy can be used at the trade shows. Companies have achieved success by using name tags and lanyards that have data collection chips. When the name tag of the attendee is pressed against the name tag of the exhibitor, the data is transferred, making it simple to retrieve any leads. Due to the ease of use, participants willingly share the personal information just with a swipe as it hardly takes a second to do.


iCapture is known to be the latest of the apps that can be used for trade shows and companies. Like other apps, even this can be used to customize surveys, using which users can create questions, compile the contact details and also send out automatic emails.

By using the right technology, businesses and exhibitors can boost the ROI of their trade show. These new technological developments make it easy to generate and also track leads from every trade show one attends. Companies can now streamline the complete process with ease, by using the above mentioned tips.