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5 Advantages of Choosing an Airport Hotel for Stay During Your Business Trip

Airport Hotel !! If you are in business, travel becomes the most important part of your routine. It holds very true if your business or dealing with clientele is in multiple cities or countries. It is thus important to understand if you know the advantages of staying at the airport while you are on your business trip.

Are you a Frequent Traveler covering multiple locations for your business? If yes, you tend to spend a lot of money and time in commuting from one place to another. How about if it can be planned well and have reduced commute time? First thing after landing from the aircraft you look for is a good Airport hotel to freshen up before you head towards your meeting. Your search starts for the closest hotel to save the time of travel and ease your return to the airport.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you have an option of staying in the airport hotel and spend your time wisely? Many business travelers usually visit a city for a day to have a meeting or take connecting flights for the next meeting. So, the hotel location plays the most important role in your business trip plan. For travelers like you, there are Transit Hotels based at the airport to cater to your requirement and ease your life.

Let us gauge the benefits of staying at the airport hotel during a business trip

1. Saving Time and Money: It is said that “Time is money” and you cannot deny it. If you are on a business trip, your first aspect is to utilize more time in your business meetings rather than worrying about a local commute and your return. You save on lots of hassles and money when you stay in a hotel at the airport. Moreover, you save on local commute cost heavily. Such airport hotels are either less costly than your city hotel or provide flexibility to book for some hours.

2. Early Morning Departures: If you are in the city for a late evening meeting and planning to stay in a hotel to take an early morning flight, the best option can be to stay at the airport. You can easily get access to the flight even if you get up late after your tiring meeting day. You also avoid early morning traffic surprises that could sometimes lead to missing the flight as well.

3. Easy Access: If you are staying at the airport, it is evident that you will have access to almost everything you may need while you travel. Most of the areas and basic necessities can be easily accessed by the traveler at any given point of time.

4. The convenience of Location: Airport hotels are the best option to stay during your business trip. It is very convenient for a business traveler to check-in within a few minutes of landing after a long flight. You do not have to come out of the airport and hire a cab to reach your hotel. It is very convenient for travelers in busy cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, etc.

5. Flexible Schedule: If you are staying in the hotel at the airport, it always gives you the freedom to plan your schedule well. You can create a schedule such that your entire city meeting is lined up during early hours and the last meeting can be either at the airport lobby or somewhere in the hotel premises itself. This flexibility can help
you optimize your time and get the best output.

While being on the business trip you may like to spend some leisure time if the city is new to you, especially if it is any of the metro cities. In metros like Mumbai or Delhi, you may spend an hour or two to reach the airport from a distance of 10 Kms in some time. So, it is better to avoid such traffic situations and stay in the airport hotel itself so that you avoid last minute hassles. Mumbai International Airport has Niranta Transit Hotel in the same T2 terminal building. Airside wing is only open for travelers during their transit and Landside wing can be used by other guests or travelers too. So, it’s definitely a good news for travelers having layovers in Mumbai or Delhi, as they will be able to book the hotel on hourly basis instead of booking it for a day. One more benefit that you get for booking in this hotel is – free foot spa that relaxes you and you get set for the next leg of your travel. The luxurious and comfortable stay makes your travel a memorable experience.

There are a number of benefits that are attached with the stay in an airport hotel during your business trip. However, you need to inquire about crucial details of the hotel that you are planning to choose for your trip. Once you are satisfied with the reviews, you can book a room in the hotel and say no to a lot of hassles and wastage of time. Choose wisely!

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