5 Best Ways to Promote Your Event on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a prominent social network used for making new connections in modern times. With more than 100 Million active users, LinkedIn is quite underutilized as a tool for promoting events.

No need to believe the myth that LinkedIn is only and exclusively for business and/or professional events. LinkedIn users have the highest average income of any social network. It proves the fact that these users have the budget and independence to fill their free time with various events like yours. To capitalize on it, you must be aware of the ways and means to promote your event like a pro.

Let’s explore the 5 best ways that you can use LinkedIn to promote your event:

1. Publish posts related to your events

LinkedIn is a well-known social network to help your events. You can use this platform to market your event. You can publish various posts regarding your event so that your target audience gets the right message at right time. You can also think of posting a longer article directly to LinkedIn. Refrain from direct marketing; rather use the platform to educate people about the awesome experience of your last event along with describing the fine details of your event. Don’t forget to use relevant case studies and/or testimonials to make it look more authentic.

As we already discussed, there is no need to shout and indulge in forceful marketing. If you are targeting a larger audience for your post, you need to remain subtle and provide more information in your post that too in an interesting way. The reason is that such posts have better chance of being circulated into the more effective channels thus bringing a strong base of bigger audience than only those who are followers of your event or company. Now that you have shared your post on LinkedIn and have also ensured right and bigger audience, you must share your post via updates as well.

2. Status updates on LinkedIn

One of the most wonderful features of social and professional networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is to allow users to post their status updates. Trust me this is the easiest way to inform people firsthand about your event.

All you need is to make it alluring by including an attention-grabbing image and a link to some industry news or your event page, to be more specific. Since you are sharing it on one of the most effective professional networking sites like LinkedIn, it’s your obligation to think about the ways your content can add value to the professional lives of your audience and then put across those benefits in your status updates.

Scheduling your post is crucial. There would be no use of sharing if you don’t time it well. It has been observed that LinkedIn users use the platform mostly during weekdays and hence it would be better to time your posts accordingly. If we talk about the best days to post, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday come to the fore. To be more effective, choose these days that too during working hours, especially Tuesday between 10 am to 11 am. However, there are no set rules in case of event industry as you need to think about your event and the presence of your attendees at that time.

3. Direct messaging through LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides ample information about people. It becomes even easier to track those people if you have a premium account. You can send paid InMails to anyone whether he/she is your connection or not. Moreover, you are allowed to send a free direct-message to 50 first-tier connections at one go. Make sure not to overdo it and try keeping it relevant for them. Your top targets would be those whom you want to attend your event; you need to save messages for them.

4. LinkedIn updates of Speakers or Partners

If your brands, sponsors or other event partners are present on LinkedIn, ask them to write a post about your event. You can also share your posts with their LinkedIn network so that you can get maximum reach. If one of your speakers is a LinkedIn influencer, the benefit increases manifolds due to their post reach.

5. LinkedIn groups and LinkedIn ads for events

Being a part of a LinkedIn group related to your event is beneficial as you can share posts with each and every member of the group. You will be able to present your ideas through your posts to those who are interested. Make it a point to check the rules of every group before you post and ensure a customized message for that particular group.

In case you don’t have any group in your niche, you can create a new group exclusively for your event and send invitations to people to join. Attendees can connect with each other through this group; similarly potential attendees can know all the people who have registered to come. To get a fair idea about the most favoured topics, you can initiate by creating discussion threads and closely watching what people have to say.

Sponsored LinkedIn posts and status updates help you put these in front of professionals from a specific industry, location and with a specific job title. This increases their visibility.

If you make optimum use of LinkedIn along with other social media networks, you will definitely end up reaping rich rewards for your event. All you need to do is to prepare a plan and religiously focus on its implementation.

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