5 Major Features to Look for In a Virtual Event Management Software

Due to the recent corona virus widespread, virtual events gained a lot of popularity. As we now see that the COVID effect has been going down, we see that the popularity for these virtual events has gained nothing but more popularity.

You need prominent virtual event management platform, to host successful virtual events. However, with so many platforms available, choosing one that suits you the best can be a challenging task.

Here are 5 Essential Features to Look for In a Virtual Event Management Software


The advantages of hosting virtual events come with some requirements. It should provide features which help you to manage all the basic steps in organizing an event. It involves facilitating registrations, ticket access, payments, refunds, cancellations, feedbacks and more.

QR codes have gained much importance as they can be used during every stage of an event, from registrations through feedbacks. You can easily generate a QR code and then link it to the page containing all the information about your event. This page will also contain a customized CTA which will take the user to the registration page where they can book tickets.


The kind of event determines the type of sessions that are going to take place, like one-to-one session, live group session, or large scale live streaming. Filling up the breaks or any loopholes may require to play some prerecorded video or audio. Hence, a virtual event management solution must check in with the streaming solution providers.


These solutions must enable you to control all the aspects related to the attendees. It should let the participants to book their tickets/ seats in advance while providing you with the list of the participants who have registered for the event.
Besides this, an online event management solution should also provide you with tools to engage your users. That can be done by giving them incentives like free subscriptions to some content. Engaging your online audience is a must for growing your business.


It is important to have a solution which seamlessly lets you promote your virtual events. And it is necessary to choose a solution which has integration with marketing channels like email, blog sites and social media sites.
It must provide custom branding options as well. You spend a lot of resources to organize an event, do not let the logos of the software steal the focus from your brand. Each element and feature of the conference must be customizable.


A virtual event organizing solution should support all the latest technologies required for the smooth functioning of the online event. It is very important to analyze your event’s performance, how it was received by the audience. It should support real time analytics. It must also follow the actions like networking stats, conversion rates etc.
It must definitely have the following tech capabilities

  • Live streaming
  • Video and audio
  • Online registration
  • Virtual website
  • Reliable internet connectivity
  • QR codes
  • Marketing and ROI tracking

These are a few features you definitely need to look for while choosing a virtual event management software.

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