Are you exhibiting for the first time? It can be very exciting to plan for your first exhibition but it can be equally challenging as well so that you don’t skip anything and face last moment hiccups. Taking active part in any exhibition can be a useful technique to promote your business, products and brand across the world. It can help you gain easy access to the global word and put your business ahead in your sector. Exceptional Tradeshow booth designs can make wonders to your booth/stall visibility in any exhibition. Let us understand the best 5 tips to excel in any exhibition being a first time exhibitor:


  1. Reach Organizers Early: Organizers plan an exhibition well in advance and start booking the booths early so that the logistics can be managed well. Organizers even provide early-bird offer for booking the booth to exhibit your company and products. So, don’t ever miss the chance of discounted rates to book your booth. It can also help you plan your exhibit well-in-advance to reduce your last moment stress.


  1. Know the Participants: It is always better to know the participants of an exhibition. You can very well checkout list of participants like List of Exhibitors andList of Visitors/Attendees.Knowing competitor exhibitor can help you understand and plan better. List of attendee can help you plan your marketing and branding plan. You can design your booth designs, booth communications, marketing collaterals, etc. as per your target audience. You can also communicate about your exhibit with the attendees even before the start of exhibition by sending them emails or approaching them through social handles.


  1. Participate to Network: Since it will be your first time experience, don’t try to over sell. It is always better to network and build good relations and sales will automatically follow. Don’t forget to keep regular checks and follow ups with your booth visitors. Not only visitors but also the exhibitors are important for your business. Your competitor may be looking to join hands with a similar company to jointly work on something, so stay connected to them as well if possible.


  1. Keep Booth Engaging: You might have designed your booth well, have awesome creative brochures, but have not kept best staff at the stalls. Remember they are going to leave first impression of your company on the attendees. Ensure you have your enthusiastic staff at the booth to engage well with the visitors. Train this staff well so that they know almost everything about your company, goals and the product.


  1. Make Noise: it is very important aspect if you are exhibiting. You will be spending huge sum to ensure your exhibit gains the needed traction. Don’t skip the online power of promoting your presence in the exhibition. You should start promoting your presence in the exhibition well in advance through email marketing, social media campaigns, whatsapp marketing, etc. You should aggressively promote so that people in business are aware about your participation.


Exhibiting for the first time can be a daunting task but ensure you have right team to take it ahead. Get a good consultant if your existing team doesn’t have relevant experience. These suggestions can surely help you achieve better ROI and open land of opportunities for your business to grow manifold.

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