About Global Exhibition Industry

Global Exhibition Industry is growing rapidly every year. As per The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), exhibition industry is holding around 31000 exhibitions around the globe round the year. This means on an average 85 exhibitions are managed on daily basis across the globe.

Our research team and member associations help us to gain access to important Exhibition industry information through various tie-ups, publications, research papers, surveys, polls, etc. Our team helps us establishing and creating Timely, relevant and accurate information that makes it easier for businesses to grow and prosper.

Some Key Numbers are as follows

  • 124 million sq. mtrs. of total net exhibition space rented.
  • 4 million exhibiting companies and approximately 260 million visitors.
  • USD55 billion is the total industry value across the globe.
  • 680,000 full-time equivalent jobs.
  • On average, exhibitors participate in five shows per year.
  • 51 per cent of exhibitors transact with international clients (2014-2015 microeconomics study conducted in France by UNIMEV).
  • Visitors and exhibitors combined spend around USD109 billion every year on exhibitions,
  • Out of USD 109 billion around 50 per cent benefit to the exhibition industry and 50 per cent benefit to the allied local/regional economy (accommodation, transport, restaurants etc).