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Best Strategy for Digital branding for exhibition stand

Are you nearing your next Exhibition date?  If yes, your immediate concern would be to make it really work well for your business. Off course you would like to see more footfall to your stand as compared to your competitors. Your objective would be to help visitors with more and more information so that it creates interest in them to purchase your product or service.

If you still believe that only traditional approach can promote your stand in exhibition and drive desired results or over achieve your expectation, you may be wrong. It is an era of Digital promotion and branding which extends interaction with your visitors or prospects beyond one to one communication. If it is done well in advance and with right targeted campaigns, you can achieve much better results.

Digital Branding for Exhibition Stand can work really well for your brand since its interactive features can reach millions of prospects at the same time. It is relatively a new trend following in Event industry and its benefits can be seen in online platforms and multiple social platforms. Social sharing can help you in promoting your business beyond your reach; your contacts can re-share your posts and engage your 2nd or probably 3rd level contacts too. Your friends, family and colleagues can still forward your message which not only helps in promoting your product, service, brand or business via engagement but is also more authoritative since it’s forwarded by a known individual which definitely works like a reference.

In recent past you might have experienced various campaigns for engagement wherein companies give discounts, vouchers, freebies etc. to the consumers for re-sharing the campaign and responding with their contact details.

Suggestions and feedbacks are the best ways to engage exhibition stand visitors both pre and post event. One of the best methods to engage would be to create “Facebook Game App” to engage Visitors. These games create some fun elements and light hearted competition to not only engage your business prospect but also your vendors to take part for engagement. This becomes quite a powerful social tool to generate more traffic to your campaign, Social Handles and then eventually to your website & Exhibition stands.

Social Campaign or social game can help you in creating brand impact and ensure your visitors recall you easily in the crowd of 100s of exhibitors. You should always integrate your brand guidelines, products or services, and if possible In-stand representatives with contact details easing things for your visitors. You need to ensure that the campaign is linked to all your assets like website, social handles, prints, etc to have proper brand sync. Highly Interactive and engaging games with freebies or discounts can really help in greater way to capture data of visitors. If it is well connected with your website, it can help increasing website traffic helping your overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goals.

As an exhibitor in an exhibition, you need to ensure that a landing page is created for specific exhibition so that you can track output of spends done during that period. All your social and other paid campaigns should be very well linked to this landing page for better results. Landing pages are specific to each event and that won’t have SEO impact for longer term. Alternatively you can create microsite for exhibition participations if that is more frequent and then create specific landing pages on same. Digital agency providing online promotion for exhibition stand can help you identify broad (industry specific) and specific (specific to that exhibition) keywords to set long and short term goals as per the branding and promotion strategy.

You can also run a survey to understand expectations of your visitors beforehand so that your stand staff can handle all possible queries in a smarter way. This preparedness will help you manage your exhibition with fewer resources and obviously in a much better way than of your competitors. This will also help in smooth transformation from the stage of Visitor – Prospect – Lead. A proper effort to promote your stand and to engage with visitors can also ensure post exhibition follow up communications. This will be possible if you are able to leave a mark on your visitors being a differentiator in an exhibition.

Email marketing is a wonderful tool that will help you in various ways to connect and then keep in touch with all your visitors. Try to make them land on your website which guides them more about your products and services so as to create more interest in them for your offerings. This will help in lead generation activity. You should not try to over sell, rather just be more informative. Remember if there is a need and you fulfill the demand, you will close the deal.

To ensure desired result and smooth execution in your exhibition, ensure that you have right strategy for Digital Branding for Exhibition Stand in place.

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