Digital Media and Its Perks in Trade Shows

Digital media and trade shows go hand in hand. Do you know why? You will get to know the answer eventually.
Trade shows are platforms which provide companies to showcase their brand, their various products and services. It paves way for ensuring human-to-human interaction and promotes the brand. Whereas, in today’s era, every individual is slanted towards using advanced media in their everyday life due to innovations. Digital platforms have shown extraordinary growth in recent years and can help in extensive virtual promotion of a company.

Despite the fact that web based marketing is consistently making a solid hold over businesses, numerous brands have yet not utilized computerized media to advance their trade shows effectively. It is seen that exhibitors who neglect this, do not make the ideal progress in exhibitions.

Usually exhibitors make their booth look attractive using certain eye catching components to drive the crowd’s attention towards their stall and increase footfall. Do you know, it is not the only option to increase footfall ? You can design a comprehensive digital media strategy to increase traffic even in your simple booth design.

All you have to do is strategize the involvement of digital media in your event from the very moment of your participation. Plan every bit of it. Here are some suggesting.

Prior planning- Create social media pages devoted to the event, plan what to post to lure public , find out ways to promote the event virtually and build a craze among people about your latest products that will be showcased on the event day and so on. This type of a buzz among people long before the event will produce interest.

Show-day planning- You can do challenges via online media on site to connect with people. Give interesting and intelligent presentations about your products to engage them. Show-day planning will help you snare your intended crowd to your image.

Post-show planning – You are definitely going to make connections by applying the above two strategies. Now, that you have engagement, you can circle back to them via emails or different social media platforms. This will help build essential association with the public.

Choose the best- So, here comes a very crucial part of digital media marketing. All you have to do is experiment to fine the perfect platform.

The best platform in my accordance is, LinkedIn, for making business. You can likewise, get the participant’s rundown from your trade show organizers and interact with the key individuals. Engage with the LinkedIn bunches associated with the event and post the on-show images.

Three of the most widely used platform is Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Millions of people are linked to these platforms and are one of the best platforms for making business. Create a page and keep the people updated about the event and the company’s products and services.

Instagram and twitter holds critical part too.

There is a very useful feature in instagram and twitter that can help your event information reach to a larger bunch of people. This feature is hashtags. Hashtags can be the best feature to reach out to every corner of the world. Also, sharing stall pictures, recordings, and updates of your impending or on-going event in case of instagram and sharing the shows most recent updates in only 140 characters in case of twitter ,with your hashtags can create curiosity.

Now a days, Blogging is also a rising trend. All you have to do is write about every bit of the show. Starting from the arrangements, the stall, its design, how do you plan to manage everything, your products and you displaying experience etc. Alongside, Youtube has become an extraordinary platform for sharing videos. A huge population of the world engages themselves to this platform. So sharing pre exhibition videos and updating the public about it can raise enthusiasm among a huge crowd.

We all know how powerful displaying at a trade show can be in producing quality leads and deals. You can use Email marketing for your promotions. Through this method, you can promote your event or products among the people in your email list.

There are infinite perks of digital media. You can use any channel to power up your progress. But all you need to do is find out the best channel and the most potent crowd, and BOOM! You are the star of the show.

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