ET Soonicorns Summit: A platform for future startups

The startup ecosystem of India has grown so much in the last few years. The country is positioned at 3 for the largest startup ecosystem in the world. Not only this, but India has also become the powerhouse of global innovative products and solutions. Further, it is also home to 106 unicorns consisting of startups of value $1 billion or more and a total valuation worth $340 billion.

Today, the rate of new unicorn addition in the Indian startups’ ecosystem is one of the fastest and it is estimated to have more than 100 startups added to the most desirable unicorn club in the next few years.
Hence, to unlock the full potential of future unicorns of India ET Soonicorns Summit is here. The summit is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Intel and will serve as a platform for high-impact thoughts on key themes illustrating the Indian startup ecosystem, including expressing startups’ role in redefining the next ‘Techade’ for India and encouraging them to deliver impact at scale because they build and solve for not just 1.4 billion of this country, but for the world.

The ET Soonicorns Summit is scheduled to start from September 8-9, 2022 after the completion of the day-long curtain raiser Premiere Event on 4th Aug 2022. The ET Soonicorns Summit will feature more than 50 speakers which include top entrepreneurs, policymakers, investors, and tech industry leaders.

All the leaders will come together in the ET Soonicorns Summit and will think on various themes relevant to the Indian startup ecosystem for insights and learnings about what’s needed to encourage India’s economy and increase the growth of the country’s future unicorns and decacorns.

Key observations and tracks

According to the experts, the High growth of Indian startups and unicorns will play an essential role in boosting India’s contribution and innovative progress in the global digital economy. This decade will be Techade of India.

Although the Indian startups are seeking to grow at the international level, they are also needed to focus on creating products and finding solutions for the growing internet users within the country. As the internet user base of India is all set to touch 900 million by 2025, the digital ecosystem and product-tech innovations need to evolve to solve for the country.

So far, India is home to more than 100 unicorns. Another 100 unicorns are also waiting to join the group in the next few years. With them come more challenges and opportunities for the country’s fast-growing startup ecosystem that will help To track, predict, and accelerate their growth and at the same time bring the right connections and collaborations which will help the startups to grow.

Although 2021 was a record-breaker year for the funds raised for the startups, experts believe that private market investment trends will unfold in 2022, among geopolitical tensions, inflation, and an ongoing pandemic.

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