How to make your exhibition a crackling success: do’s and don’ts

For any exhibition, it is rather fundamental to acquire leads or deals, for others it gives a chance to direct research or host item showings to the ideal target audience. But how, in a swarmed presentation lobby where capacities to focus and time are hard to come by, do you amplify the possibility to pull in guests onto your stand and hold their advantage enough to take part in a huge discussion.

Here we have made an attempt at jotting down the areas which must be focused on in order to get maximum guest engagement. By considering and actualizing them you can expand your network, get ample visibility and avoid making rookie mistakes when it comes to putting the reputation and business agenda of your organization out in an exhibition for the people.


  • Keep abreast of the latest engagement tools: in order to keep a steady number of footfalls to your stall, it is important that your offerings must be alluring enough so as to keep the guests piqued about it and nothing works better than engaging a piece of let’s say, new device, audio-visual facilitator, software etc to get the attention of the visitors. Some of the options include VR technology, presentations on a projector etc.
  • Great field staff: Hiring the right talents into managing and engaging people at the stand can turn into your greatest weapons. Training the staff as for how to break the ice with the visitors and make interesting conversation about the agenda with them could go a long way in determining the success of your exhibition.
  • Competition and incentivisation: It is one step further into engaging your audience. One must strive to conduct stimulating competitions that end with giving away freebies to the winners. These kinds of competitions always attract the crowd due to the simple fact that people are competitive when it is clubbed with some amount of fun quotient as well.
  • Data capturing and lead enhancement: One of the key agendas behind participating in an exhibition is to enhance one’s reach and influence among the masses. To create a bigger and wider network among the prospective customer base and among the peers as well is a huge challenge in front of arranging exhibition. Hence every opportunity to tap into the information which is generated via exhibition, like contacts, phone numbers, important data about the various leads must be stored during the exhibition itself.


  • Don’t go overboard: Sometime less is more. It is especially true in case of exhibitions. It so happens that sometimes the various participating entities go overboard with the design of the stall and other extraneous details without focusing enough on the actual deliverable i.e. the message that the organization wants to convey.
  • Don’t get very personal with the audience: At all times, the interaction with the visitors must be kept impersonal, professional and yet polite. The staff members must be instructed and trained to handle any kind of stressful situation that might crop up with the visitors during the exhibitions

Keeping these in mind, one can certainly improve upon the ROI at the end of every exhibition by making it a great success.

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