Cultural Heritage Exhibition of Himalayas starts in Delhi

On Monday, a four-day-long exhibition to celebrate the intangible cultural heritage of the Himalayas started in Delhi. The exhibition ‘Journeying Across the Himalayas’ is organized at the Bikaner House jointly by UNESCO and a popular motorcycle brand.

A senior UNESCO official said that UNESCO has partnered with Royal Enfield to celebrate and promote the intangible cultural heritage of India starting with the Himalayas. The exhibition represents this partnership. A concerned Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is also signed between both parties.

According to the concerned official, the exhibition will concentrate on the cultural heritage of the Union Territory of Ladakh and northeastern states falling under the Himalayan region.

Apart from the exhibition, several events will also be held from August 23 to 25, with the Himalayas and its intangible cultural heritage being the main attractions.

Furthermore, The official said that many panel discussions are scheduled on Tuesday including ICH through the lens of sustainable tourism: relevance and opportunity, riders and their explorations, and the journey of the Himalayas through taste.

Artists’ expressions of living the Himalayas’ heritage, the story of the indigenous Mishing tribe and textile traditions, and many more subjects will also be discussed in the panel meeting

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