TerraZero & VentureBeat to build Metaverse Event Centre

TerraZero Technologies Inc. which is a diversified Metaverse technology solutions company and also a vertically integrated Metaverse experience fulfillment studio announces its partnership with VentureBeat to build a Metaverse Event Centre in Decentraland. VentureBeat is a tech gaming, AI media, and event company.

An announcement has been made that the in-person Metaverse event MetaBeat is going to be held at SVN West in San Francisco, the USA from October 3, 2022. So, TerraZero and VentureBeat have partnered to create an all-new event space in the Metaverse. This place will allow the attendees to experience a whole new world that is way beyond what they have experienced in other traditional virtual event platforms. TerraZero and VentureBeat have invited all the Metaverse enthusiasts to come and experience the all-new Metaverse Event space which is the first of its kind in the Decentraland Metaverse.

The firm, TerraZero is specialized in making innovative commercial Metaverse experiences and virtual-based business solutions for brands all over the world and the leading enterprises, including Bacardi Limited’s premium Bourbon Angel’s Envy’s Meta Distillery, and the latest single’s music video premiere of Jason Derulo.

Founder and CEO of TerraZero, Dan Reitzik Said that it is going to be so much fun in creating an event space in the Metaverse which VentureBeat would use not only for MetaBeat but for other events as well throughout the year. The professionals are working on creating a theatre where one can view the content and other attendees and also developing a cool experimental way to connect virtual attendees with the latest tech demos in the Metaverse.

Hayley Haggarty, GM of Events for VentureBeat said that VentureBeat is a top leader in Metaverse coverage across enterprises and gaming. Meanwhile, there is a need for engaging video content, and interaction within events, websites, and newsletter formats, the company is also preparing for the next generation experiences in media and events. The officials believe that this is the beginning and seek to continue working with TerraZero on this project.

According to the recent reports published, there is an outstanding growth in the Metaverse. Further, it is not surprising that the MetaBeat event is gaining momentum that will bring together over 1500 Metaverse decision-makers and leaders from well-known enterprises like TerraZero, Roblox, Walmart, Nvidia, Procter & Gamble, Chipotle, T-Mobile, Soul Machines, Solsten, and many more

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