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‘AMAZON CONNECT’, an Event Focused on Amazon’s Seller Community Executed by Vibgyor

amazon connect vibgyor

Amazon is the most powerful player in e-commerce which enables the people to purchase from anything and everything they want through their platform online.

The brand recently joined forces with Vibgyor Brand Services, a leading marketing agency which specializes in events for big brands, for conducting Amazon Connect.

The major aim of Amazon connect has been to engage with different segments of sellers and somehow get closer and more involved with the seller community as a whole. The whole idea was to make Amazon feel like a brand which is international but still Indian. It was organized to make the seller community understand the performance metrics which would definitely enable them to increase their business.

The conference which was held at Sahara Star in Mumbai on 17th March 2017 was also organized with the motive of creating a better understanding between the seller community and the Amazon leadership. It was an open discussion to acknowledge the sellers’ issues and to resolve them.

The big theme of the Vibgyor event was “Transform Together”. The event elements were venue setup, brand collateral, content management, award design, technology integration for interaction and booths to exhibit various products and services. The audience was engaged in various activities. There was also a ‘Rewards and Recognition’ ceremony at the end where the top sellers from the country were given titles and awards. A lucky draw winner even got tickets to Amazon Seattle.

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