Your Body Language and Tradeshow Success

While you are exhibiting in a tradeshow it can be very tedious to stand the whole day and retain same level of energy throughout the day. When you introduce your business at Exhibition display and Trades events, you not only try to market or promote your business but build a relationship with the visitors, and this help in raising your confidence level too.

Do you know about “Power Posture”?

Open Postures reveal high power and closed postures reveal low power, mentioned in a recent study conducted in Harvard Business School. It was also notably mentioned that it is not just about reflecting a power but also it moves a step beyond by producing it. It is believed that if one stands in a power pose means it helps in increasing tolerance level, risk-taking ability, belief in leadership quality, etc. It surely gets you prepared for the next level and all the challenges in business.

You may get a chance of being a speaker or host in a Tradeshow or exhibition event organized by the exhibitor of the show. You should focus on your posture that can help you enhance the confidence and can deliver the best speech with enthusiasm.

Are you choosing the right Gadgets?

I am very much sure that showcasing on iPads and the Notebooks can give a good impression on the visitors during the exhibition. However, using small screens and changing the slides on such screens can surely make you uncomfortable and can contract your body posture. This can also lower down your confidence level and tend to change your pitch level as well. The size of the presentation device matters a lot. Do remember this fact. It can very well spoil your mood and confidence level. In the same Harvard study, it was also found that people using wider screens get more flexibility and thus they feel more confident while the presentation with the help of a desktop or laptop than using a tablet or iPad. You should avoid handheld devices at any cost for your presentation. It be may be good to look cool by using but the main purpose of participating in the expo may not be fulfilled.

Can you ignore handheld devices?

It was part of the study and well noted that one should avoid using a phone, tablet, or any other handheld devices before the presentation or meeting for better output. It was observed that the lack of distractions due to these handhelds helped in gaining more focus and organizes the thoughts to boost confidence.

Your Facial Expression does it all

Yes, a simple Smile can work in your favor. During an interaction, your body language and facial expression do maximum work. You should remember that if you have worked for long hours on your computer or watched a screen for long hours your facial expression may look much tried and other people may have the wrong perception of you. You should reset your expression before attending any meeting for important discussions during the exhibition. You should look positive and confident. Your voice plays an important role as well if you go slow and lower your voice you can sound more powerful and can think practically as well.

If you are exhibiting on the booth be very careful to who you give the charge. You should remember that posture, facial expression, body movement, and gestures can play important role in the exhibition. You should choose the right person on the booth who can very well maintain the balance of all while doing his presentation.

If you are still worried and unclear about the body language and participation in the event get professional help. Be prepared for your next event.

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