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Zoom Events turned 1

Zoom events turned 1

Zoom Events, which was launched in the summer of 2021, just turned one. It is a virtual events management solution. Zoom Events was specifically launched for remote audiences. Robin Bunevich, Zoom’s Integrated Marketing Manager for Zoom Events and Zoom Video Webinars said in a post that virtual and hybrid events are becoming the core of marketing strategies and a platform like this encourages organizations to facilitate memorable, engaging experiences and gather attendees across the borders and time zones.

Until now, over 7000 customers have used zoom Events and the platform has processed 150 events daily since its launch. The representatives of the platform also hosted Zoomtopia 2021 on Zoom Events and delivered the latest and greatest in the communication world to more than 30,000 virtual attendees across the world. The company’s objective is to help organizations to uncover new possibilities of virtual experiences.

Let’s see what the platform has achieved in the last 12 months and the features of the amazing platform.

Backstage feature

Sometimes there is a need of the moment for the presenters and the hosts to discuss last-minute strategies or hang out in between the session. Don’t worry, the Zoom Webinar Backstage feature is there to help you. Using this feature the presenters, webinars hosts, and co-hosts come together behind the scenes along with enjoying the event.

Virtual Expo Hall

Generally, an Expo Hall is a place where everyone comes together and explores the place. It provides an opportunity for everyone to showcase their products, connect with others and explore what is new in the industry. It is one of the greatest experiences. So why sacrifice this experience? Hence, Zoom Events has brought a virtual Expo Hall feature that allows the attendees to explore new topics, network, and engage in live conservations.

Networking is an easy thing here

However, not all events need Expo Hall therefore Zoom Events Networking lets attendees connect before, during, or after an event using participant directories, customizable profiles, and a variety of conversation tools.

Brand product, your way

Branding is an important step to expanding the reach of an event that’s why the platform offers the Session Branding feature which allows its user to customize name tags, backgrounds, wallpaper, and registration hubs with company logos and brand assets, according to their needs and preferences.

Integration with other software

The platform integration with other software makes the experience fun and seamless. Integration of the platform with Zoom Events allows the user to enter a virtual event from a conference room or workspace and share the experience with a specific person and remote colleagues. Also, integration with Pardot makes it easier to present the prospect database with attendance data and registration.

Data and Analytics Report

One of the best benefits of a virtual event platform is that it provides access to data and analytics easily. The Zoom Events enables the user to generate reports with enhanced sorting functions to view, export, and download valuable metrics. Event marketers no longer have to guess the ROI and attendee engagement because of easy analytics available regarding registrations, booth sponsors, Livestream views and duration, content downloads, tickets sold, event sponsors, and many more.

Recently released features in Zoom Events

Although it’s been one year since the launch of Zoom Events, it has a long way ahead. Here are some recently added Features of Zoom Events and what to expect from them.

New features for hosts

Special Role permission

Zoom Events has recently added a new feature that allows the hosts to permit their special role attendees. They can control the level of access attendees have during the event. Hosts can grant all the permission, reverse the permission, and pre-register special roles for a specific ticket.

Flexibility for publishing the session recordings.

Sometimes, hosts are not ready to publicize a session immediately. Hence, now hosts have control over when to publish and display the session recordings to the event lobby.

Invite coeditors during event creation

Hosts can invite and add co-editors at any time during the event creation process.

Pre-registration process

Hosts, who have the list of already registered participants, can upload the list of the pre-registered attendees to an event. Then the pre-registered attendees will get a ticket to directly join the event without going through the registration flow again with Zoom Events
Other additions:
● Bulk upload of external ticket holders and registrants, who registered on other ticket platforms
● Generate two different attendees’ email templates
● Add or delete the pre-registered attendees
● Extract registration or join links from the management

Control the ticketing

Hosts have the flexibility to control the ticketing by specifying which attendees can join which sessions. They can define the type of sessions they want the attendees to join and gate up the sessions for specific attendees or open up them for everyone.

New Features for attendees

Networking through a mobile browser

Attendees can open up their profile using a mobile browser and also initiate one-to-one chats and can send a connection request to other attendees.

Find easily using Audio transcription

Now, Zoom Events provide audio transcriptions for the session recordings. Using the audio transcriptions, users can

● Search or jump to the desired location using the audio transcriptions
● Can play highlights only
● Users can view avatars to the left of the name of each speaker in the transcript

Live interpreters

Users can use interpreters during an event. Attendees will see a live interpreters label displayed on the session information card to know which languages are available and supported.

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