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6 Best Event Management Blogs for Exhibitors

6 Best Event Management Blogs for Exhibitors to Follow for Updates

With everyone having a digital presence, it’s difficult to choose which blog to choose and read. You don’t have time to read all the blogs and you really shouldn’t. So which blogs give the best information you might need to get ahead in the events industry ?

Here are a few event management blogs which give some amazing insights.

1) Exhibition Globe
Exhibition Globe,a national event production company has helped their clients put on some of the best mesmerising events like expo and company.
Managing and curating events is no easy task; it takes time, hard-work and creative insight. The team here shares their best practices and experiences through their blog where they do educational interviews with industry experts, and give insights on how to make an event successful.

2) BigBash
BigBash isn’t technically a blog but it still gives some really valuable insights for event planners. They cover industry news, trends, ideas and international events on their sites.
They have their own tools on the website so you can use the tools and learn simultaneously.
Their venue-finding tool can help you find the right venues according to the type and budget of the event, and the supplier directory can help you find suppliers easily.

3) Techsytalk
Techsytalk is a blog page by Liz King Caruso, she is a tech-savvy planner always integrating technology into her event plans to drive success. She is a technology trends follower herself and now helps others discover the latest event planning technology through her blog.
She annually hosts a live event in New York called Techsytalk LIVE, giving opportunities to all the planners to come together and communicate with each other in a tech-forward environment.

4) Eventtia Blog
This is an Event Management Technology offering online and offline event management, on their website they have informative event management blogs. They create the best softwares for educational, corporate and association events. This is a go to site for you if you wish to market your event and are searching for a new event tool for trusted recommendation.

5) OFD Consulting
Meghan Ely, the company’s owner, knows the event management industry in and out with years of experience. The company provides services to the wedding industry but with the expertise of Meghan in the industry, you will educate yourself not just on events and planning but learn more about social media, advertising and networking.

6) Eventbrite Blog
This blog page is a sea with never ending knowledge. If you are a beginner or want to learn more in depth about the events, basics, marketing ideas, technology you should definitely bookmark this page. The blogs cover every minute detail from planning to execution of the event. The blogs are easy to read, extremely knowledgeable and share worthy.

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