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Cheers to the 75 years of freedom of India

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India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru announced the birth of an independent India with a speech delivered at midnight on August 15, 1947. India has made a long 75 years journey and has grown so much. This article is all about remembering all the business leaders, key brands, and key moments which shaped the Indian markets in the last 75 years.

First of all gratitude and respect to all the business leaders who have added value to the Indian markets. Some business leaders are like Midnight’s Children whose before the independence businesses accelerated after 1947 and some are Licence Raj Warriors who didn’t give up in front of red tape to slow them down. In several cases, the businesses run by these leaders successfully shifted India from Nehruvian to a neo-liberal model.

Some of these leaders are among global Indians who caught the attention of the world. These leaders full of confidence and creative vision handled every situation and challenge and presented ideas and took them to the next level. Their stories are not for India but the world.

Adding value to the market, brands have also made their way into everyday life. They are from eras and left their indestructible imprints that bring up memories as the iconic traditional products do.

With the expansion of the brands, the rapid growth and expansion of the Indian markets are one of the greatest achievements of the country. The Indian stock market has grown much more stronger and confident just like India itself. The Indian market and India are strengthening each other and helping to grow.

This is all about the journey of India and the Indian market.

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