WieTec China and Informa Markets Join Forces to Fuel Global Expansion

Shanghai, China – In a groundbreaking move that marks a new era of rapid development, WieTec China, one of China’s leading expo platforms for the environmental industry, has formed a strategic alliance with Informa Markets, a leading global exhibition group. This partnership holds tremendous promise for international B2B exhibition enthusiasts, as WieTec China aims to bolster its position as a flagship platform for environmental innovation worldwide. The collaboration comes at a crucial time when the Environmental Protection industry is undergoing transformative changes, driven by China’s economic restructuring and the urgent need for sustainable solutions. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting alliance and its potential impact on the industry.

WieTec China Shatters Records and Surpasses Expectations

The recently concluded 15th edition of WieTec China proved to be a resounding success. Held at the prestigious National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, this year’s event surpassed all expectations. In a testament to China’s economic recovery, the exhibition attracted over 3,500 brands and showcased more than 90,000 high-quality products from the environmental industry. The three-day extravaganza also drew the attention of over 100,000 professional buyers, solidifying WieTec China’s status as a world-class trade fair. Such remarkable achievements not only highlight the exhibition’s growing prominence but also reflect the thriving vitality of the WieTec China brand.

New Challenges and the Pursuit of Internationalization

As the Environmental Protection industry rapidly evolves, embracing innovation and exploring new avenues for growth become paramount. WieTec China recognizes the need to adapt to the changing landscape, improve technical exchanges, and expand commercial trade opportunities. To achieve these strategic goals, WieTec China has embarked on a journey toward internationalization. The search for a suitable partner with global reach and a proven track record led to the establishment of a strategic partnership with Informa Markets, a renowned exhibition group renowned for hosting over 450 international B2B exhibitions and brand events in various professional markets each year.

The Power of the Alliance

WieTec China’s collaboration with Informa Markets ushers in a new chapter of immense potential for the exhibition and the environmental community at large. Leveraging Informa Markets’ extensive international network and resources, WieTec China aims to amplify the participation of overseas exhibitors and visitors, foster domestic and international technical exchange channels, elevate the overall quality of the exhibition, and reinforce its standing as a leading international trade platform. With a shared commitment to industry advancement and customer success, this alliance promises to create far-reaching positive impacts.

WieTec China: One of Asia’s Premier International Exhibitions

For those passionate about the environmental industry, WieTec China stands as a must-attend annual event. Spanning an expansive exhibition area of 220,000 square meters at Shanghai’s National Exhibition and Convention Centre, the expo brings together 3,500 exhibitors from around the world. This prestigious platform attracts over 100,000 professionals hailing from more than 100 countries and regions. With its extensive reach, WieTec China facilitates connections between government stakeholders, municipal constructors, engineering companies, design institutes, distributors, agents, and exhibitors, empowering them to engage with qualified buyers from 38 diverse end-user industries.

Informa Markets: Empowering Industries to Thrive

Informa Markets, the world’s leading exhibitions organizer, plays a pivotal role in providing industries and specialist markets with opportunities to trade, innovate, and flourish. With a portfolio comprising over 450 international B2B events and brands across sectors such as Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure, Construction & Real Estate, Fashion & Apparel, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, and Health & Nutrition, Informa Markets is committed to unlocking potential and driving growth throughout the year. Through face-to-face exhibitions, specialized digital content, and data-driven solutions, Informa Markets breathes life into a diverse range of specialist markets, empowering businesses to thrive and seize opportunities.

Looking Ahead

The strategic alliance between WieTec China and Informa Markets holds immense promise for the long-term development of the environmental industry. By leveraging the strengths and resources of both entities, this partnership will drive innovation, foster international collaboration, and propel sustainable solutions to the forefront. The combined expertise and global reach of WieTec China and Informa Markets will not only enhance the exhibition experience but also pave the way for the industry’s continued growth and success.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, WieTec China invites international B2B exhibition enthusiasts, industry professionals, and environmental enthusiasts alike to stay tuned for the upcoming editions of the expo. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a dedication to shaping a greener future, WieTec China and Informa Markets are poised to make a lasting impact on the global environmental landscape.

For further information about WieTec China, its events, and initiatives, please visit www.wietecchina.com. To explore Informa Markets’ wide range of industry events and opportunities, please visit www.informamarkets.com.

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