8 New Roles Emerging in Virtual Events

With physical events turning into live virtual events, this change is giving away a few new roles in the Event Industry.

Live streaming and virtual events have become a new reality for the event industry. As need arises the event planners recognize and adapt to these new changes. This drastic and sudden change has brought a need for new technologies and skillsets.

In this article, we will cover some of the new roles the event industry requires with virtual events because of recent changes.

We have categorised the new emerging roles in the event industry.

Category 1 :

This category includes the roles that are needed and responsible for Management during virtual events
● Virtual Event Moderator
This role is responsible for interpreting audience feedback, and simultaneously receiving questions from various channels. During live streaming it’s important to keep track of the audience and interactions. With virtual events this role becomes important, as this role directly affects overall virtual experience.

● Live Feedback Manager
The live streaming events have virtual and digital presence on various social media channels. A live feedback manager keeps track of social media buzz for the event. The attendees sometimes post any issues related to the event on their social media. This role manages and addresses such queries within time to take prompt actions.

● Customer Experience Manager
The customer experience manager role isn’t limited to audience experience, but overall considers the attendees entire journey through the virtual event. This role overlooks pre-event management and onboarding, to feedback of audiences for future editions

Category 2 :

This role covers the marketing of virtual events.
● Virtual Marketing manager
With events happening online through live streaming the importance of marketing is increasing. This need has given rise to roles such as virtual marketing manager. This role creates buzz for the event and increases attendees’ exposure to the event. This is done through various marketing campaigns.
● Digital analytics manager
The virtual events depend on the digital presence of the attendees. This makes it easy to reach potential event attendees through digital marketing. The role of digital analytics managers is important for overall marketing.

Category 3 :

This category covers the roles of monetization of the event
Digital analytics managers for on-events interactions
This role particularly focuses on the interaction during the live virtual event. As virtual events keep track of such interactions it becomes easier to draw insights to enhance attendees’ experience and engagement.
● Sponsorship manager
Sponsorship manager responsible for managing generating sponsorship leads for the event. Sponsorship manager needs to ensure it’s mutually beneficial alliance on both sides and that sponsors get the value for their investment. This helps in the long run retaining sponsors for future events.

Category 4 :

● Virtual Events Technologists
As the event industry is now managing the events virtually the demand for event technologists is high. With the wave of virtual events the trend is only increasing. A virtual event technologist is responsible for determining and finalizing the right tool for the event. He arranges the further customization as per need . The virtual event technologists are aware of the latest event-tech practices in the virtual world. Event planners can have in house virtual event technologists or depending on the need can outsource one.

This clearly shows the new emerging roles with the event industry digitalizing itself and expanding virtually.