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Is Live Streaming Enough for your Virtual Events ?

During and after pandemic with such uncertain times virtual events have become new hope for the industry. Event planners are no exception, trying tools to make their physical events successful virtually.

The scope for virtual events is unlimited, with numerous tools promising all sorts of virtual interaction and live streaming.

But the question of concern is does life streaming provide a solution to virtual events? Is it useful in the long run? Do such tools offer ways to manage, monetize and market virtual events? Do these live streaming tools help engage the attendees ?

These are a few broad parameters to consider and evaluate the relevance of life streaming tools for virtual events.

Sessions :
● During live events multiple sessions occur parallelly. Most of the live streaming tools don’t provide such a concept, as they are designed for live streaming one particular event.
● The live streaming tools let participants meet in smaller groups, creating breakout rooms. Though this facility doesn’t ensure smooth management of the event.
● An Event Planner can plan various sessions of virtual events in advance. Also arranging the sessions chronologically so attendees can join the sessions they are interested in.

Events custom setup :
● The live streaming tools don’t provide custom setup needed for virtual events.
● Live streaming brings on a different aspect of an in-person event, from networking lounge to reception.
● These tools don’t have specific labels. They don’t have features to add or have different profiles for speakers, sponsors and exhibitors in a segmented manner.

Monetization :
● Physical events offer and ensure revenue flow. With virtual events there is no such methodology.
● The virtual events need essential monetising channels.

Event Engagement :
● Physical events are specific to event engagement. Event planners and managers strategically engage the attendees.
● With virtual events it’s difficult to replicate such engagement for attendees.

Event Analytics :
● The live streaming tool gives multiple options to integrate various analytical tools, but it doesn’t provide form purpose. As excessive software integration makes event planning lists centralised.
● Event analytics is essential to generate leads to attract attendees. Analytics helps to market and monetize events.

So should you consider live virtual events ?

The live streaming tools are not specific for live events. So you should rather look for niche solutions like red shows conference is Barcelona meeting submit seminars and meetups. The full fledged live virtual event tools and softwares can help in this ways –
● Ensures event specific setup and match making.
● Provides data driven events and helps planning holistic event analytics.
● New channels of monetization with sponsor sign-up, ticketing and space booking.

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