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Prime Entertainment will host its Annual “Prime Entrepreneur Awards 2021” at Crown Plaza, Kochi

Ms.Nimmy Saxon, Managing Director, Prime Entertainment said, “Prime Entertainment will host its flagship event – Prime Entrepreneur Awards 2021 at Crown Plaza, Kochi on December 18th 2021″. An attractive and insightful event, conceptualized by Prime Entertainment to recognize talented & successful Indian Entrepreneurs doing business in India and abroad, where such entrepreneurs who transformed the business ecosystem will be identified, acknowledged, and celebrated.

​She continued, “It is essential that we continue to recognise the achievements around us. Recognition is a powerful way for our businesses to continue forward and not only does it help society and our industries, it helps us as people. Put simply, it feels good to be recognised for our hard work and contributions. It helps us stay positive, engaged and motivated. We presents the awards to the finest Entrepreneurs from business industries. It is a token of appreciation to celebrate their talent that brings the best to the World and how they unleashed their magic.”

The event will celebrate the entrepreneurial ingenuity of such Unstoppables, to share their inspiring stories and recognize their achievements. Politicians, Celebrities, Industrialists & other prominent business persons will garn the event with their presence. Event will be covered on major print & television media and on social media.

Prime entertainment is accepting nomination for the awards through their official website till November 15th. Nominate yourself or someone you know, here.

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